Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bullz Eye BBQ in Arcadia Florida

Bullz-eye BBQ

I travel a lot shooting pictures for my web site and in doing so, I get to eat at a lot of different restaurants.
Most times I just duck into a fast food place like Burger King, McDonalds or Wendy’s, but sometimes I just have to indulge my senses in something a little more substantial. When you are on the road in an unfamiliar town, you are left to your own devices. I sometimes ask locals and at other times, I drive around to find the local ptomaine palace.

You can imagine my total disbelief when I stumbled into a small BBQ place in Arcadia, FL. The Bullz-Eye BBQ is an amazing food Mecca. It is tucked into a plaza on Oak Street, (SR 70, I believe,) back in a corner. I know that people have their regional favorites for BBQ. It is probably one of the most hotly contested food groups for taste. My roommate is from North Carolina, I’ve been there, and their BBQ is truly fine. But this is the best.

Over the years, I have eaten BBQ in some of the best places in the US and Korea. I travel just for this wonderful heartburn inducing fare. And I am here to declare a winner, for this year at least. Bullz-Eye BBQ is wonderful. That’s actually not strong enough. It is fantastic, tasty delicious and just damn good.

I like to eat at restaurants that have pretty waitresses and again, I was not disappointed. Samantha came over, gave me a menu and took my drink order. No Sprite or 7-UP for these guys, Sierra Mist instead.

The menu has the usual specials, both for lunch and dinner and even breakfast. I looked around and the other diners were knee deep in their food. Hardly a whisper in the place as everyone was stuffing their faces with their lunches. I soon found out why.
I ordered the Pulled Pork sandwich with two sides. BBQ beans and mashed potatoes. I expected to get something like Texas toast with the BBQ stuffed inside. Instead, I received a hoagie roll bursting at the seams with moist pulled pork. It was not slathered with BBQ sauce, instead it is served dry. The sauces are on the table so you can choose between regular or sweet. This sandwich was bursting with thinly sliced pork and nothing else. No fillers of coleslaw or other add- ons. Just pork. I tested the sauces and went with the sweet. You can tell when I’m having fun eating something, because I like to get it all over my face. Mission accomplished. I must have looked like a third grader at a family cook out. Napkins were flying everywhere trying to keep up with the mess I was making. But I didn’t care, I was in heaven.

The mashed potatoes were creamy and soaked in brown gravy. You couldn't have found a lump in them with a mammogram machine. Smooth and delicious. And then there were the beans. Now I’ve had enough beans in my day to float the Hindenburg safely. These were in what I believe is molasses and were mind blowing good. However they were made, they were just plain incredible. If it weren’t for hazardous gas regulations, I could made a whole meal of these. I can honestly say, they are the best I’ve ever tasted. Anywhere, anytime, period.

I was stuffed to the gills and was kindly wheeled out of the restaurant by my cute waitress Samantha who signs her name with a smiley face and a tongue sticking out. Probably the beans made her do that. I know I did for the next few days. Have a smiley face, that is.

The Bullz-Eye apparently doesn’t have a web site, and they don’t really need one. Word of taste buds will help you find this place. If you are within 20 miles of this place, get there. You won’t be disappointed no matter what your regional preferences are for BBQ.

1029 E. Oak St.
Arcadia, Florida 34266
Phone: 863-993-4227
Fax: 863-993-1158

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