Sunday, March 24, 2013

Grand Central Diner - Sunrise, Florida

Is it fair to rate a restaurant partly on its customers? I believe so if they affect your dining experience. I walked in just before noon and was invited to take a seat anywhere. The front of restaurant was kind of full so I moved towards the back. I didn't see nor did I hear the lady sitting in the next aisle with a cell phone. Her side of the conversation consisted mostly of, "Whaaaaat? I can't heaaar you. What did you saaaaay?" I wanted to take the phone away from her and turn up the volume. Instead, I said in a loud enough voice that her table mate could hear me over her that I was moving because she was to loud and annoying for me to sit near. Then the guy at the table right behind her pulled out his cell phone and started yakking loud enough to drown her out. And I hadn't even ordered yet.

The waitress, whose name I regrettably didn't get, brought me a menu and told me about the daily specials. Then another waitress found it necessary to yell out to her coworkers to bring her coffee and other things, contributing to the general noise level.

If food can make up for bad company, then this food did. I ordered the Rueben sandwich, which thankfully came quickly. While waiting I looked around and noticed that other diners had ordered various things. The portions looked large and enticing. And I was not disappointed. If there is a such a thing as a perfect Rueben, this was it. Piled high with meat between two very fresh slices of rye bread and topped with a pickle that couldn't have been crisper and tastier.

The sauerkraut was tasty with out being overwhelming. On the side was some dressing and a small cup of coleslaw. Very good without being too spicy.

A great sandwich at better price than McDonald's, surrounded by people who like to think the cliché of New Yorkers is cute and charming. It's not. Loud, self-centered and obnoxious yes. Charming? Hardly.

Parking is good and plentiful. The place is very clean and popular. The food, and this is my second time there, is superb and that's not an exaggeration. Really, really good and the service was great.
Visited March 2013

Update: June 4,2013 - Went back and the experience was much better. No people on cell phones and the staff was attentive and didn't contribute to annoyance level. Had the spaghetti and meatballs. More than I could eat. Very nice experience.

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